Omnitel Grandeur

Omnitel Grandeur - Hotels & Resorts with Premium 5 Star Service & Quality.

Omnitel Oppulence

Omnitel Oppulence - Full Service 4 Star Hotels & Resorts.

Omnitel Insignia

Omnitel Insignia - 3 Star Category Hotels & Resorts offering a comfortable stay in mid-scale segment.

Omnitel Prestige

Omnitel Prestige - Budget Hotels Chain catering mainly to the budget conscious traveler segment.

Omnitel Sovereign

Omnitel Sovereign - Hotels & Resorts which are individually operated but are under our banner through Revenue Management or Brand Tie-Up.

Omnitel Solitaire

Omnitel Solitaire - Luxury Villas, Farmhouses, Upscale Bungalows and similar such properties catering to the niche customer segement.

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